Shear Pawfection 2

Where dirt and grime have a "Ruff" time!

Why Us?
  With over 13 years experience, we take pride in our pet abilities.  At Shear Pawfection 2 we understand that each pet and client are unique and always try to meet the needs of our furry friends while providing a safe and positive enviroment.

We offer custimizable services to meet the need of our clients.  At Shear Pawfection 2 we are happy to make recommendations based on the needs of your pet.  Our services range from the basic bath to our much loved vip spa package that is sure to make your pet shine!

Specialty Services

Shed-Less package reduces shedding anywhere from 50-70%

Service ranges from $10-$20 in addition to bath.

New puppy package for all puppies under 20lbs and 6 months of age.  This package includes:

Bath, brush, teeth brush, nail trim, ears cleaned and if needed trim of paws, sanitary and eyes.  Recommended for all first puppy visits.  This package costs $20.

VIP Spa Package includes:

Teeth brushing, facial, anal gland expression, nail buffing and specialty shampoo and conditioner

$20 in addition to full service bath or groom.

Individual walk in services:

(available before 11am or by appointment)

Nail Trim - $8.00

Nail Trim and Buff - $13.00

Teeth Brushing - $8.00

Ear Cleaning -$8.00

Anal Glands -$10.00

Essential Package - $20-$25

Brush, teeth, nails, ears cologne and bandana all while you wait!